July 30, 201436
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Teen Floor at Baptist in 1969

A special floor at South Carolina Baptist Hospital was dedicated to the needs and comforts of teenagers. The floor included a recreation room complete with games and lounging areas to keep the teens entertained during their time in the hospital. Palmetto Health is featuring facts about our people, places and experiences drawn from the past… Read More »

July 29, 201437
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Top Technology

Top Technology at Baptist, Circa 1974

South Carolina Baptist Hospital was equipped with the latest medical records technology in 1974, with the Lektriever, an automatic card file that enabled easy retrieval of patient records. An intercom system connected patient rooms to the nursing station to allow two-way communication and provide quicker response to patients’ needs. Palmetto Health is featuring facts about… Read More »

July 28, 201438
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Centennial Profile: Edwin F. Averyt

Alabama native Edwin F. Averyt and a partner, J. C. Judy, opened an accident insurance company in Columbia in 1937 that would eventually become Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company. Averyt was president and chairman of the Colonial board until his retirement in 1970 and was a director until his death July 1, 1978. His… Read More »

July 27, 201439
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Jeanne Cavanaugh

Loving the Challenge of Nursing, Teaching and Inspiring

Jeanne Cavanaugh loves a challenge. Over her 35 years in a variety of clinical and administrative roles, she’s had the opportunity to lead change at Baptist and Palmetto Health, most notably in oncology and emergency services. She also enjoys teaching and inspiring young nurses to love the profession as much as she does. As she… Read More »

July 26, 201440
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Baptist Buildings

Baptist Buildings Change From 1923-1964

In 1923, South Carolina Baptist Hospital in Columbia, SC, consisted of two buildings on Marion Street between Hampton and Taylor Streets, with a capacity of 80 beds. By 1964, Baptist stretched from Hampton to Taylor along Marion Street and from Taylor to Sumter Street. The hospital complex included the Lily Hardin Home, which was a… Read More »

July 25, 201441
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Nurses With Suitcases

New Arrivals at Baptist, 1959

Checking in as first-year students in the School of Nursing at the South Carolina Baptist Hospital in 1959 are (L-R) Eleanor Timmerman of Sumter, SC, Marguerite Moore of Latta, SC, and Sandra Snelgrove of Gilbert, SC. This photo was featured in the South Carolina Baptist Hospital’s magazine, Hi-Lites. The magazine was published as a public… Read More »

July 24, 201442
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Belinda Rutledge

Love in the Operating Room

“It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year in Nursing School at USC.  I took an Operating Room (OR) elective and my career at Baptist Hospital began,” shared Belinda Rutledge. “When I completed the three-week elective, Cleatis Walker, Nursing Director, hired me as a Surgical Technician. The year was 1971 and the operating… Read More »

July 23, 201443
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Sara Brunson

Mother and Daughter Bond Through Nursing

Sara Brunson (picture inset) grew up in Columbia, SC, seeing her mother, Doris Godwin Williams, work her way up at Baptist. “She started out working in the cafeteria and worked her way into a secretarial position. She took any job Baptist could give her to get her foot in the door, as she knew she… Read More »

July 22, 201444
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celia saxon

Celia Saxon Health Center Born From Baptist

Did you know that the strategic thinking behind the Celia Saxon Health Center in Columbia, SC, began during a summer reading initiative with the Columbia Housing Authority? In 1996, representatives from Baptist Medical Center and the Columbia Housing Authority (CHA) explored ideas on providing better access to health care services for residents within the housing… Read More »

July 21, 201445
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Anesthesiologist Satish Prabhu, M.D. Celebrates 35 Years of Service

“In 1979, it was by a stroke of luck and good fortune that I started working at the Baptist Hospital in Columbia,” starts Dr. Satish Prahbu. “Their reputation was such that most new medical professionals and health care workers looking for work would first explore the opportunities at “the Baptist” before going anywhere else. It… Read More »