baptist babies

Baptist is Known for Babies

Throughout its 100 year-history, Palmetto Health Baptist has been known as the place to have a baby in Columbia, SC. In fact, 169,952 babies have been born here since 1925*. While the hospital opened 11 years earlier, birth records were not maintained until 1925. In the more recent decades, Baptist introduced a Level III Neonatal… Read More »

August 31, 20144
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Dr Huggins

Phillip Kenneth Huggins, MD

As Palmetto Health Baptist’s longest servicing physician, psychiatrist P. Kenneth Huggins, MD, has seen many changes throughout his long tenure of 52 years. Dr. Huggins earned an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina, followed by a medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. He began his private practice in Columbia in… Read More »

August 29, 20146
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Dr Ben Tribble

J. Benjamin Tribble, M.D.—Second Generation Baptist Physician

J. Benjamin Tribble, MD, was just seven years old when his father, David Tribble, MD, began practicing in Columbia 50 years ago. Dr. David Tribble practiced at three hospitals in Columbia, including Baptist, which afforded his six sons a lot of exposure to medicine. It’s no surprise that three of his sons chose to follow… Read More »

August 27, 20148
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Dr Alden Sweatman

A Career of Caring

Surgeon Dr. C. Alden Sweatman has a long list of credentials – from receiving medals for his U.S. Army service, to being a charter member of the American Society of General Surgeons, to being a clinical professor at the USC School of Medicine. But when asked what he was most proud of related to his… Read More »

August 26, 20149
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William A. Boyce – 1922-2005

William A. Boyce first served South Carolina Baptist Hospital beginning in 1947 as assistant administrator and an instructor in the School of Nursing. In addition, he taught classes in religion and coached the hospital’s basketball team. Upon the retirement of Rev. William M. Whiteside in 1958, Boyce assumed the roll of hospital administrator. A Williamston,… Read More »

August 25, 201410
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Golden Girls

The Golden Girls

The “Golden Girls” are a gregarious group of women who each started their journey with Palmetto Health Baptist more than 40 years ago.  With winning smiles and constant laughter, Phyllis Moorer, Shirley Frick and Susan Sipes are the epitome of “Golden Girls.”  They are the only team members remaining who were hired by Dr. Thomas… Read More »

August 24, 201411
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Mentors Inspire Career in Urology

When Dr. John Rawl was an undergraduate at the University of South Carolina (USC), he planned to go to law school, but the misfortune of having a kidney stone changed the course of his life. After receiving care for the painful condition from Dr. Philip Fairey, a urologist with Columbia Urological Associates and a physician… Read More »

August 23, 201412
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Nursing 1961

1961 Nursing Class Among the Largest

The School of Practical Nursing Class of 1961 was comprised of 93 new nursing students. It represented one of the largest and best-qualified new classes in the institution’s history, according to Baptist Hospital officials at that time. Palmetto Health is featuring facts about our people, places and experiences drawn from the past 100 years as… Read More »

August 22, 201413
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Rev. J. Edward Long – South Carolina Baptist Hospital Trustee

Rev. J. Edward Long helped successfully lead South Carolina Baptist Hospital during some of its most difficult financial times, including during the Depression. The hospital’s Long Building is named for him. Born in Union County, NC, in 1878, Rev. Long was a graduate of Wake Forest College and earned a bachelor’s degree of divinity from… Read More »

August 21, 201414
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kimberly beasley

Growing Up at Baptist

“In November 1980, when I was 20 years old, I began working at Baptist as a nursing tech in the Newborn Nursery (NBN) while a USC nursing student. I had candy striped at Richland at the age of 15 and learned then I wanted to work with the babies after trying out several areas. While… Read More »